Caridad del Valle has a B.A. from the University of Puerto Rico. Her work as an artist fuses acting, writing, production, lighting and stage technician. She presented in Spain, Mexico, Puerto Rico and NY. She has starred in the films It is, Silent Dinner, Ping and Twirling Eva. Also in her own production Who cures about what? After participating in The Virtuous Burglar, she received the HOLA Award (2013) and the ATI Award (2014) for Best Actress in Comedy. In 2014, she starred in Cenizas de Troya and received a second HOLA Award and the ACE (2015) for Best Period Actress. After performing the unipersonal Yo no soy Lupita, she received the HOLA awards for an Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor (2016) and Best Solo Actress ATI and LATA (2017). She recently directed and produced Esperando el lunes, production for which she received a HOLA (2018) Special Recognition and an ACE (2019) Institutional Award

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